Generation Y’s Perspective of Iconic Images that Define The 21st Century (pt.1)

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Generation Y’s Perspective of Iconic images that Define The 21st Century (pt.1)

I came across this article today on Facebook and it really reminded me how much can be said in one picture. It was cool to reflect back on the last 14 years, some events I remember vividly, others not so much. I thought I would share my experiences as a generation Y kid with the event/photos that struck a major cord with me and will probably stick with me the rest of my life.

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod [2001]- I remember my dad coming home from work one day when I was 8 saying that he won a silver iPod mini at work. He pretty much rejected technology and so I benefitted. He gave it to me, making the long bus rides home from school a lot more entertaining. I remember downloading my Lizzie McGuire CD immediately. Still have it, though I did get an updated pink iPod mini a few year later and now just use my iPhone. It’s pretty cool to see how far Apple and technology have come.

President Bush’s reaction to news of a second plane striking the Twin Towers. He was reading to children at a Florida elementary school. [2001]- Unlike most schools across the U.S., teachers in my elementary did not show the news on a t.v. in our classroom nor were we sent home early from school. I remember being in 3rd grade and riding the bus home from school when my neighbor Michael told me he heard about planes flying into buildings. My first instinct was that it was for some type of air show that stunt men were performing. Little did I know it was a major event in U.S. history. I remember my mom going to the grocery store that night buying snack food and jugs of water to keep in her closet incase we were ever attacked and needed to hide out. Being 8 at the time, seeing your parents scared was scary. When things settled down a bit, I remember being on the news because some of us kids in the neighborhood held a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. I knew we were raising money but didn’t really know why. I found out later that my dad had been on a plane that flew over NYC about an hour before the first attack. Scary.

The invasion of Iraq begins amid fears that the country had access to weapons of mass destruction. [2003]- I only ever read about war in textbooks. It wasn’t something that was supposed to happen while I was alive. I never understood how a war could go on for years. Isn’t there just a battle and the winners win and the losers lose? Fast forward a few years, the concept has been grasped.

A month and a half after the invasion began, U.S. Marine Kirk Dalrymple watches as a statue of Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein falls in central Baghdad. [2003]- I only remember seeing images of this on t.v. I couldn’t understand why a country’s own people would be destroying things like statues of their own leaders.

Saddam Hussein shortly after his capture. [2003]- I remember hearing so many ethnic names as a young age, when Saddam Hussein was captured, I didn’t understand his position in the war. I only remember people being really happy.

The Columbia Space Shuttle breaks apart during re entry [2003]- There was a ton of news coverage over the Columbia Shuttle explosion. Since it happened over the area we lived, officials were asking people to search for debris and to drop it off at a particular location. I remember my friend Allix and her dad found a piece of the shuttle in her backyard. I thought that was really cool. Obviously it was a very sad occurrence but a piece of the shuttle was a cool find since some people came across body limbs which would have been a lot harder to handle.

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