SYTYCD is back again and as auditions continued this week, they came across this gem. Justine Lutz. As I watched her audition I couldn’t help but be enticed by her cheery spirit while talking to the judges. Then the music came on. Justine floated into her own world with her fluid movements and attacked every nuance of drum or pop. I was mesmerized. Following her audition, she received a standing ovation. No duh, I couldn’t even believe what I just watched. This one is a contender for sure. I’m already calling it, top 10.

So after, I did what any other dancer would do… I stalked her on Youtube only to fall more in love with this beautiful dancer. She didn’t just get lucky with an amazing audition. She understands what it’s like to perform. You almost feel embaraassed watching some times because it seems so personal. Almost as if she is in a trance herself dancing on a different cloud. But really. I dig it. And I want more.

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