take noticeSo my favorite ginger, Ed Sheeran’s second album “X” (pronounced multiply) dropped a few days ago on June 20th and it is magic. I’ve been an Ed Sheeran follower for a while now, first discovering him on YouTube before he was well known in the U.S., and I have to say that this album is some of his best work. It’s a different sound, coming off his acoustic album “+” (pronounced plus), “X” incorporates more hip hop and other musical influences after collaborating with some of the best producers in the business including Benny Blanco, Rick Rubin, and Pharrell Williams.


Titling this album “X” only makes sense as this new sound and new Ed are amplified versions of the Ed the U.S. met in 2011. I’ve watched many interviews with this lad and he was nervous about releasing his second album, making the point that the second album is the “make it or break it” album. Shake the fears Ed because this album is already climbing up the charts and into the hearts of millions across the world. In Ed’s own words, he writes songs that girls eat ice cream and cry to. Because he’s relatable and that’s what “us girls” like best. Congrats to Ed on his success with this album and cheers to many more in the years to come. Below is a link to the full album on iTunes. Grab that ice cream and indulge.

Buy the album here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/x-deluxe-edition/id858512800

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