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Incase you didn’t see the trailer buzzing around Facebook last month, there is a documentary called “No Cameras Allowed” that’s causing a lot of excitement. The film covers a college student, Marcus Haney, and his journey as he sneaks into over 50 music festivals across the world including big name festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. The trailer is incredible and highlights just how close Marcus got to his favorite artists. The risk of sneaking into festivals is high but the thrill of being on stage and in front of artists photographing and filming them is higher for this guy and I can’t blame him, it’s freakin awesome. The trailer obviously got a lot of hype but people were wondering if it would get picked up by any production companies due to all the illegal activity and the fact that most of the artists didn’t give permission to be filmed. However, I was so excited to see yesterday that MTV actually picked up the documentary and will be playing it this Friday 8/29 at 10/9 c.

In the film, Marcus explains that he submitted photos and video footage to some of the bands he saw which led him to being asked to tour with Mumford & Sons. An obviously incredible opportunity seeing how the band is currently on a hiatus. The footage of this opportunity in the trailer alone gave me butterflies as M&S is my favorite band.

Clearly there is a lot of controversy over the morality of this documentary, but quite frankly, I wish I had the guts to do what this kid did. And basically I can’t wait for the television debut. Check it out for yourself!


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