Take Notice: When The Best Of Music And Dance Join Forces

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take notice

This video recently popped up on my newsfeed as does a lot of dancer, Matt Luck’s work, as we have mutual friends. I’ve been following this guy for a while and am blown away every I see him perform. He hears music in a different way then most people do and is able to articulate every sound without loosing the emotion of the lyrics. I truly don’t know anyone else of this level of musicality. Here, he joins dancer Emma Portner in a wonderfully crafted duo that the pair choreographed themselves.

Playing along side the duo is musician Richard Walters who dazzles the stage with his soulful and contemporary sound.¬†Richard Walters is an English songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, born in Oxford best known for his songs “Elephant in the Room” and “The Actor.”

When great artists come together, you get magical pieces like this one that was performed at the Best of British 2014 Showcase. This event was held on August 15th and showcased the best of British music (and dance as well). I hope you fall in love with this piece as much as I did.

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