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So yesterday, against all odds, I actually found time to sit down and watch the iTunes Festival broadcast of Jessie J’s performance. Holy smokes! I’m so glad I did! Currently climbing charts with her single, “Bang Bang” alongside Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, and a new album release on October 14 called “Sweet Talker,” this pop superstar has a lot to be excited about.

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During the performance, Jessie revealved to the audience about how lucky and blessed she felt to be among the 3% of artists who actually have the opportunity to release a third album. This got me thinking. I was familiar with many hits from her first album, “Who You Are” such as “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Mamma Knows Best.”

However, during the festival performance, she sang a number of hits I seemed to be unfamiliar with, unlike the British audience who sang along to every word. There was a reason for that… Her second album “Alive” was never released in the U.S…

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I found this snippet on the Wikipedia page about the album “Alive” that disclosed what the situation was:

“On 14 September 2013, Jessie J announced that the American version of the album would be pushed back because her American label “didn’t feel the album would work on their territory”. She will record new material for it, which is rumoured to be produced by Pharrell Williams. In an interview, she said she’ll be moving into the United States next year in an effort to break into the country’s market.  In an interview, Jessie said she expects the American version of the album to be released in 2014. This idea was later scrapped and she decided to release a brand new album, Sweet Talker, worldwide.” More here

Thankfully her loyal fans have uploaded the full album “Alive” to various YouTube videos so everyone worldwide can share her vivacious voice and exquisite talent.

On to the third album though! October 14th, Jessie J will debut her album “Sweet Talker” in the U.S. and with the taste she gave us at the iTunes Festival, it is sure to be a big hit. Along with her classics “Price Tag”, “Big White Room” and “Domino,” Jessie also performed a few newbies including “Sweet Talker,” “Burnin’ Up,” and “Ain’t Been Done.” She also announced that her song “Burnin’ Up” featuring 2 Chainz would be her next single…which was released in the U.S. TODAY! Check it out, it rocks.

Hopefully this time around, Jessie’s American audience will be able to appreciate her music, now that we will have access to it. She’s exploding with talent, that’s a sure thing.

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While we wait though… be sure to watch her performance at the iTunes Festival on iTunes!

Pre-order the new album “Sweet Talker” here

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