Take Notice: Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” Behind-the-Scenes

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Rolling Stone published an article today on their website highlighting a new video for Beats by Dre with the behind-the-scenes of Coldplay’s influence for “A Sky Full Of Stars.” With influences from Katy Perry to Nirvana, lead singer, Chris Martin shares his writing process.

Provided by Google images (Coldplay performing on SNL)
Provided by Google images (Coldplay performing on SNL)

Finding meaning for a song for each individual is not something you have to think a lot about. It’s just something that develops for each individual. In this video, Martin gives the audience the opportunity to understand the meaning and purpose behind the reasons he wrote “A Sky Full of Stars,” which I sometimes forget as my thoughts typically triumph his purpose. But music is so cool in that a song can mean something so different to everyone but collectively we love the song together. That’s just the coolest to me.

Take and look and let me know what you think in the comments.  

For Rolling Stone’s original article, click here

Purchase “A Sky Full of Stars” on Coldplay’s Ghost Stories album here

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