A Childhood Dream Come True- Featuring Britney Spears

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It all started when I was in fourth grade. My favorite pop superstar was in the studio at Radio Disney AM620 and there was a contest. The contest was rather juvenile, granted I was 9 years old. The question was, “What is the correct way to wear your backpack? A: On one shoulder like a cool kid. B: On both shoulders like you’re hiking. C: Roll it. Growing up with my mom as a nurse, I was always instructed to wear both straps to save myself from back troubles in the future (good lookin’ out momma). So the answer was pretty obvious to me.

Calling Radio Disney time and time again, I kept getting the busy signal. Then I heard a listener get through to the DJ in the studio and the one and only Britney Spears. My heart sank as I knew the girl would answer correctly. Turns out she answered “A.” Thanks goodness for that! With a glimmer of hope, I kept frantically dialing until finally, I got through! Britney said, “Hi sweetheart, what’s your name?” Obviously struck with nerves as I’m being broadcasted all over the country, I awkwardly murmured “Teagan.” They repeated the contest question to which I confidently answered “B.” After a brief moment of suspense, both Britney and the DJ shouted in excitement, “you’re the winner!”


Freaking out of course, 1) because I just won a radio contest, and most importantly 2) because I just spoke to THE Britney Spears, I remember my sister and I jumping up and down in our living room. I won the new Celine Dion CD, which my mom coincidentally just bought the day before… but that wasn’t the point of me calling into the studio anyways. Turns out a few weeks later, a worker from Radio Disney called my house and asked if they could substitute it for the Radio Disney Jams Vol. 5 CD. She didn’t say why but I didn’t really care. I benefited anyways.


From this moment on, Britney was MY GIRL. Memorizing every song on every new album, watching music videos on repeat, my sister and I even got a Darrin’s Dance Groves DVD to perfect the choreography to the “(You Drive Me) Crazy” music video… and dang we were good.

I never had the opportunity to see Britney in concert growing up. But…fast-forward a few years, when Britney announced her residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, I knew this was my chance. My junior year in college, my friends Rachel and Elizabeth and I set our sights on the ultimate spring break trip. After booking our trip in the fall, Britney’s performance schedule for the spring was released a few months later, and the month of March was completely empty of performances. Obviously devastated, we decided to go through with our vacation and planned to make it an unforgettable spring break. And that, it was… as any trip to Las Vegas should be.


Fast-forward to the month of December, I graduated from college. It was a joyous occasion in which I celebrated with my close friends and family. Opening gifts in my living room, my mom hands me a card with my name on it. I’ll let the really embarrassing (but comical)┬ávideo take over here.

Yes! Yesss! YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! 4 night, 3 day trip to Las Vegas to see THE BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!! What an amazing mom I have! Here’s what I saw inside my card…


The night of the concert arrived, hundreds of excited Britney fans filled the concert atrium. There were display cases with music video costumes, concert memorabilia stands and lots of giddy girls. My childhood dreams were about to come true. Walking into the theater trying to find our seats, we kept getting closer and closer to the stage. My mom seriously got the most AMAZING seats. Dead center, so close to the stage… it was heaven.

Singing (lip synching… but who cares, it’s Britney freakin’ Spears) to all her greatest hits, Britney was accompanied by an amazing cast of dancers, choreography, costumes, and set design. Needless to say, I cried when she came out on stage. There is literally no better feeling than hearing some of your favorite songs pumped through super loud speakers, seeing the girl who sings them, watching amazing dancers do their thanggg, and singing along at the top of your lungs. The show lasted 90 minutes but it felt like 10 because I was having so much fun. It was just so good I didn’t want it to end!

Here’s a compilation video of some of the performances:

A few pictures as well:

Ultimately… we had an amazing time. Britney Spears will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thanks mom!! <3 Turning 21 in January of 2014 was the best thing that could’ve happened accompanied by two trips to Las Vegas, seeing Britney Spears, and graduating from college. 2015… whatcha got?


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