Take Notice: Joy Williams Releases First Single Off Her ‘Post The Civil Wars Breakup Album’

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Joy Williams, of the recent folk-alternative duo, The Civil Wars, alongside John Paul White, has released her first single since the duo officially announced their split in the summer of 2014. Her new single, Woman (Oh Mama), is the first track off her upcoming album Venus. No official release date has been given for the album’s debut.


This is not Williams’ first solo project as she began her career at age 17 as a solo artist in the Christian genre. In an interview with USA Today, Williams discusses her earlier work.

“I first started in a genre that was pretty down one lane. As I got older, the way I saw the world expanded, and the way I wanted to write expanded, too. That’s when I started writing for TV/film and collaborating with other musicians in that area. There are a lot of people that are aware of that, and a lot of people that aren’t.”

I’m excited for this new chapter in Williams’ career. She’s an extremely powerful vocalist and I was worried to see her slip off the music scene when the Civil Wars publicly announced their musical divorce.

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Take a listen to the new single and let me know what you think in the comments.

Joy Williams’ is talented in the harmonizing department which is evident in her work with John Paul White in The Civil Wars. Recently, Williams’ found another duet partner, Hayley Williams of the band Paramore, not related though they share a last name. The pair have been friends for years and decided to team up for their song, Hate To See Your Heart Break, in late November of 2014.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2015/03/30/joy-williams-civil-wars-solo-justin-timberlake/70665078/

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