Day 1- Weekend 1: Coachella in Review

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Happy Coachella Weekend 1! As discussed in my last post, I won’t be attending Coachella this year but will be watching online. Today’s festivities kicked off with quite a bang. There’s a lot to cover so I’ll just jump in.

First off, I was super bummed to hear via Twitter that George Ezra wouldn’t be performing today because of illness. Ezra took to Twitter earlier today to express his condition to his fans. We are wishing you well George and hope to see you soon!
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Next up, was Kiesza. I know Hideaway Kiesza but I didn’t know Coachella Kiesza! This girl can perform! Alongside two band mates and two energetic dancers, Kiesza took the stage in her cheeky Wonder Woman outfit and absolutely killed it. Her tunes are catchy, make you want to dance, and just feel good. What more could you ask for? She was definitely a stand out performance for me. She even surprised the crowed by bringing along pal Joey Bada$$ for their track Teach Me, which is a total dance anthem. At one point, Kiesza did the worm across the stage and it was totally cool and not weird at all! She’s not a professional dancer by any means but you can see her passion and love for her music and dance and that’s just so awesome. Kiesza also sang her new track Sound of a Woman for which the video was just released today.
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I was late arriving to the Sylvan Esso concert after being so infatuated by Kiesza… my bad. I love this duo though! They sang some of my favorites like Play It Right and H.S.K.T. The crowd came alive at Coffee escaped the speakers, it’s a favorite for many, myself included. I don’t know how singer, Amelia Meath did it in her silver glittered platform shoes but this duo has so much talent. They’re not given enough credit and attention for their level of musical talent. I think it was one of my favorite sets today.
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Next, Kimbra graced the stage in a colorful smock with body parts printed on it. It was colorful and humorous and then it was shed for a part of her stellar set. I didn’t know what to expect from Kimbra as I was only familiar with a few of her older hits like Settle Down and Cameo Lover off her 2012 album but I really enjoyed her new music too. Kimbra rocked a similar set of platform shoes to that of Amelia Meath, but strutted the stage like no other! (I don’t know how they do that). This performance definitely made me aware of the fact that Kimbra also has some serious talent and I’m looking forward to exploring her art a little more in the future.

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Alabama Shakes. SOUL MUCH SOUL I WANT TO CRY. This band oh my goodness gives me the feels. Gimme All Your Love and Don’t Wanna Fight were played back to back and lord, you could feel the energy of everybody in that crowd. Lead singer,  Brittany Howard is a goddess and will be a musical icon for years to come. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. My second favorite performance of the day.
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I had never heard of of Keys N Krates before tonight but I was familiar with their music. Mostly used as hype music for college football and basketballs games, this band built hype to a new level for Coachellians in attendance. Then I started tweeting. Then the group started favoriting and retweeting my tweets. Needless to say I started freaking out. That’s always a pretty cool feeling. Shoutout Keys N Krates.
Why DJ Snake was having the audience spell ‘F.U.C.K’… I’m not really sure… But the lad had everyone fist pumping and jumping and doing all those other things youth does today… Songs like Rae Sremmurd’s, No Type were mixed in as the crowed excitedly sang along. It was a fine performance. Exactly how I would image a typical EDM fest performance to go. Murp.
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I know absolutely nothing about Azealia Banks so I won’t talk about her much, but I really did enjoy her performance. I’ll probably check out some of her tracks in the future. You could tell though that she really did electrify the audience with her performance. I’m still trying to figure out how she raps so fast…(I just end up spitting all over myself but let’s not talk about that). Super talented artist for sure who looks so natural on stage. You can tell that’s where she’s supposed to be.
2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 1
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Nero’s stage image was… interesting. There was a lot of dark red lipstick, black eyeliner, crimped bird nest hair, and gothic clothing coming from lead singer, Alana Watson… I almost half expected a sacrifice on stage at a few points in the set. They have kind of a dark electronic sound? If that’s a thing? Then Watson disappears for a bit and then comes back with this polar opposite white angelic dress. Dude, I’m so confused. OMG she did it again, and again! That’s like 4 outfits in 30 mins, necessary? This one looks medal? Whatever, this isn’t a fashion blog. Go here or here for that. I’m familiar with the trio’s 2011 hit ‘Promises’ but that’s about all I got, and the live vocals weren’t all that good. Not one of my favorite sets today.
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Lykke Li covered Drake’s, Hold On, We’re Going Home, and that stole the show for me. She also played her hits No Rest For The Wicked, I Follow Rivers, and Little Bit in her sparkling 70s styled bell bottom pant suit. She has a charisma and spirit on stage that I really enjoyed. I’ve never seen Lykke Li perform live before and I also pictured her as kind of a dark spirited person, but tonight she proved me wrong. LOVE HER. Like I want to be friends with this bad ass chick. Best performance of the day for me.
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Obviously this post doesn’t cover everyone who performed today, just the few acts I was able to catch. Agree or disagree with any of my thought? Let me know in the comments.

I’m ready for Day 2. Bring it on Coachella!

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