Day 2- Weekend 1: Coachella in Review

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Today was Day 2 of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and what a day it was! I wasn’t sure if it could exceed my excitement from Day 1, but boy oh boy, did it.

I started off my day getting in the Coachella mood by making flower crowns with weeds from my yard. Haha innovative, I know. Flower crowns are a staple to any cool outfit at Coachella so I thought I’d play along.


First up today was Clean Bandit. Hailing all the way from Cambridge, Clean Bandit brought their electronic ways to the Coachella stage. I would classify their sound as more of a soft electronic, no heavy bass which can be difficult at a festival with multiple stages as each act can overpower their neighbor stage. For what Clean Bandit lacked in noise, they made up in the number of people on their stage (they had around 10 people perhaps, either singing or playing an exotic instrument). They use the steel drums in quite a few of their songs creating a tropical pop feel which the crowd really enjoyed. The group consists of a lot of very diverse and talented musicians, some playing orchestra instruments incorporating a classical sound to the mix as well. This group really has a unique sound.

Clean Bandit brought out special guest, Marina & the Diamonds for a new track the two have recently recorded together. It was fierce, as I would expect nothing less from Marina. It was their first time performing it so Coachellians got the first listen. Overall I’d say it was a great performance, though it got lost in all the magic that was to happen later on today.

Via Coachella's Facebook
Via Coachella’s Facebook

Milky Chance gave a less than spectacular performance though it wasn’t entirely his fault. Poor dude had lost his voice, so most of his songs sounded lazy and amateurish. For his biggest hit Stolen Dance, he had the crowd sing the chorus which I found a bit frustrating. If I was in attendance, I would want to hear the artist sing my favorite song, that’s kinda the point of concerts in the first place…am I right? He did the best he could given the circumstances, however I was a bit let down by this set.


Chet Faker, boy can rock a beanie. Faker’s set was totally different from what I was expecting. I pictured him with just a guitar and a band, instead it was this totally electronic DJ deal. But he’s such a versatile artist that he took the mic later on with the help of his band. This ginger bearded cutie can defintely rock the big stage. Faker was a crowd favorite as they sang along with tunes like Gold and Talk Is Cheap. If anything, Chet’s performance got me more excited about his work in the future. I think he did a great job showcasing his multiple talents on stage today and I think others were able to see that he is more than just a singer.


Hozier. Gahh! Hozier and his gorgeous wavy hair rocked out on stage tonight. This beautiful Irish man’s stage presence has relaxed since the last time I saw him perform. It’s been a big year for the lad with constant touring, but he hasn’t lost his touch. If his hair could ooze talent, it would. Gahhh just so good! Hozier and crew played a number of tracks off his recent self-titled album Hozier including songs like Work Song, From Eden, before ending with his biggest hit Take Me To Church. The drums alone had me out of my seat dancing and rocking out to his hypnotizing tunes. This was my second favorite performance of the day.


Next up was Run the Jewels and they got crunk for sure! I loved the energy and the bass, I had absolutely no idea what they were saying… haha, but I enjoyed their set. They also brought out special guest Zach de la Rocha and things got crazier! Then Travis Barker came out for a song and slayed the drums… per usual. Lots of love and admiration was given to Barker from Run the Jewels as he exited the stage. It’s so great to see the men of such a powerful industry give each other respect. Run the Jewels ended their set amoungest the many happy fans in the crowd as they wiggled through to make their exit.

Via Coachella's Facebook
Via Coachella’s Facebook

I really enjoy alt-J, but they are kind of like Fall Out Boy for me. I love their sound, but I have no idea what they are saying. The band played a lot of hits from their 2014 album, This Is All Yours, like Every Other Freckle, Fitzpleasure, and Tessellate. The band had me jumping up and down in my living room once again. Their music is a bit chiller than the other acts I’d seen today so it was a good wind down. I’m never disappointed in this group and they surely delivered today. The band ended their set with Breezeblocks which had the crowd in a craze.

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The man. Headliner. THE Jack White. Holy hell. This man can rock. He didn’t even keep his anthem Lazaretto for his closing number, he’s just that rad. As nighttime cast over the Coachella festival grounds, White played up to the stars under the blue stage lights with the energy of the thousands of Coachellians in attendance. White played many tracks off his 2014 album Lazaretto, and even dusted off, We’re Going To Be Friends, from his previous duo group, The White Stripes. His band members all had such a cool, hip country/rock vibes with their style and playing. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind group that is highly respected in the industry.

After a little over an hour of playing, the band left the stage, leaving the crowd wanting more. After about a 5 minute stage absence, the crowd cheered for an encore, even humming the tune to Seven Nation Army. Finally, the band obliged and came back to rock on for another thirty minutes. White used the opportunity to shred some killer guitar rifts which had a lot of audience member’s jaws on the ground. He really showed everyone what he can do with a guitar. It was incredible. White spoke to the crowd and encouraged fans to support local artists in their towns and to buy records. I love that he is such a passionate advocate for the music industry and really wishes to sustain local arts and music. After about 5 encore songs, White pleased fans by rocking out with Seven Nation Army to close the show. White left the crowd with the message that “Music is sacred.” Jack White’s music is sacred, to say the least. He wins my vote for best performance of day 2.

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Stay tuned for Day 3! There are still a bunch of incredible acts to see!

To check out what happened on Day 1, check this post.

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