Day 3- Weekend 1: Coachella in Review

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Today was day 3 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the final day of Weekend 1. So much happened today, so let’s get on with it.

MØ opened today with her hit, Walk This Way and got the crowd pumped while we watched in awe as she swung her high braided ponytail around her head. Her orbiting hair wasn’t the only exciting thing about this electrifying performance, MØ did a little crowd surfing during her second number. She brought out special guest, Elliphant for their track One More. The two shuffled around the stage showing off their interesting dance abilities. MØ’s performance was a happy surprise as I didn’t expect her to perform well live, but the girl can really sing which is always refreshing for artists nowadays. She sang her popular tune and collaboration with DJ Snake, Lean On and once again crowd surfed. Spastic, weirdly sexual, raunchy, free dancing was the theme for this performance but it works for MØ and her personality. It was only a thirty minute set though, I wish it was longer!

Via Coachella's Facebook
Via Coachella’s Facebook

St. Lucia certainly looked the part today with his hipster-cropped-white-man-capris. The band played hits like Closer Than This and Wait For Love. They slowed things down a bit with Love Somebody, a great step touch, step touch tune, haha. Is it just me or does Jean-Philip Grobler kind of look like a brunette Neil Patrick Harris? Just a thought…those dimples though! I’m a fan. Electronic, pop, vocals, St. Lucia has it all. Good, chill vibes coming out of the St. Lucia performance today, I can dig it.

Via Google Images
Via Google Images

From San Francisco to the Coachella Valley, Tycho brought some super fresh vibes to the stage today. The audience was feeling it as they swayed with their peace signs up in the air. As an entirely instrumental act, the palm trees majestically wafting in the wind was the perfect backdrop for this group. It’s like driving-along-the-California-coast-with-the-windows-down-and-your-hand-doing-the-wave-in-the-wind-out-of-the-side-of-the-car, kind of music. You feel me?

“We’re all here for a shared experienced.” ~ Tycho

So much love this weekend. A Walk was my favorite number and the crowd had an uproar of excitement when the first two notes were played. I love that instant identification of a song and that sheer excitement that embodies that emotion. The group ended by thanking the crowed and stating that…

“This has absolutely been the highlight of our career.” ~ Tycho

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Vance Joy and his luscious curls took the stage today all the way from his native land of Australia. This Riptide cutie sang some catchy tunes including Red Eye, Winds Of Change and My Kind of Man. He has an alternative/folk sound which made me want to diddle my knees and slap my lap. I was only familiar with Joy’s tracks Riptide and Mess Is Mine before today, but I’ll be looking at some of his other tracks in the future. I really enjoyed this set and I think it was my happiest surprise of the day. Joy ended his set with his biggest hit, Riptide and he couldn’t help but smile as the crowd sang along.


So, Marina and The Diamonds looked absolutely stunning today as she discoed all over that giant stage in her green platforms, green sparkly jumpsuit, and cherry headpiece. She sang a few tracks off her recent album Froot including Blue. She had the crowd jumping for her older songs, Radioactive and How To Be a Heartbreaker. This total pop diva knows how to strut her stuff and work an audience. Coachella didn’t broadcast her entire performance so I was bummed but I enjoyed Marina for the time she was on my screen. She certainly enjoyed herself though as she turned her back to the crowd to take the almighty Coachella selfie!

Via Google Images
Via Google Images
Taking the selfie, Via Google Images
Taking the selfie, Via Google Images

With a light show choreographed specifically for this performance, including a walking bear resembling the California state flag, and a new stage set that was planned and built six months prior, Kaskade took to the stage and turned things up a level. He wins the award for best stage set all weekend, hands down. Commanding his high platform, Kaskade cranked out tunes like A Little MoreRunaway (U & I), and Last Chance. Needless to say, the crowd was all smiles as everyone danced away their final night of Coachella 2015 with their glow sticks in the air. Audience members even took their turn at crowd surfing. Kaskade surprised the crowd by premiering a brand new song with Kaskade on vocals just for Coachellians. Ending his set, Kaskade then thanked the crowed for their support as he’s been a Coachella attender/performer since 2006.

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Even before Florence’s big performance, Coachellians got a first look at her new music video for Ship To Wreck. Uniquely shot entirely at her actual home, Florence sings, acts and dances her way through this catchy new tune.

Entering her performance, Florence walked the stage as the music began, staring intently out at the audience, surely taking in the moment. She started her set with What The Water Gave Me, then moved into new material, What Kind Of Man, as she ran along the front of the crowd. For How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, she again joyfully panned through the crowed, the cameramen weren’t quite prepared for that one though. She entertained with her thrashing dance moves and super energetic spirit. She’s the coolest artist and totally has a harpist in her band. So hip, so cool, she’s got it going on. Fans were thrilled to hear hits like Shake It Out and Dog Days Are Over. Ending her performance, Florence encouraged the crowd to hug their neighbors…

“Touch each others faces, get weird with it. Remove an item of clothing because it’s hot!” ~ Florence Welch

Florence then removed her shirt and proceeded to run through the crowd as they jumped with their removed articles of clothing and danced with this fiery ginger. This performance was one of my favorites from this weekend. Florence gives 200% when she performs and you can tell she’s having so much fun. Her energy was unreal.

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I originally planned to watch David Guetta as a filler between Florence and Drake, but I ended up really enjoying his set. Guetta incorporated songs like Bang BangI Don’t Fuck With YouWe Dem Boyz, Put Your Fucking Hands Up, Seven Nation Army, Blame, I’m So Fancy, and even Take Me To Church, into his set along with an incredible light and confetti show. The crowd went wild at the start of every recognizable song from this world famous DJ and they sang loudly and danced into the night. The Gaslamp Killer performance lasted a bit longer than expected. It was too weird to watch. So I spent a little extra time with David and I’m glad I did.

Via Coachella's Twitter
Via Coachella’s Twitter

After a longer than expected wait, Drake finally appeared! Headlining and closing the show for day 3 is a big deal as it’s Drake’s first Coachella appearance. So opening with his song Legend deemed appropriate.

“I’m not asking to change your life tonight, I’m just asking to be a part of it.” ~Drake

He mentioned his mom called before he went on stage to tell him to “kill it.” He kept his promise momma, no worries. He went into Headlines, Over, Crew Love, Jungle, Preach and so many more. He had ‘Coachella Goin Up On A Sunday,’ no doubt about it. The Motto was a crowd favorite along with recent hit Truffle Butter. You could feel Drake’s excitement for the festival as he fit “Coachella” into any appropriate lyric that he could. His arrogance did show a bit when he bragged about the number of hits he had and that he could perform all night. I was surprised myself at the number of hits he has had. You really don’t realize it until you hear them all at once.

His set fit in with his Jungle theme as he gathered next to some swinging vines and a campfire at one point. Then, Madonna casually came out on stage, sang two songs, did stuff with a chair, shed a layer of clothing, then had the most awkward unplanned make out session with Drake… Even Drake asked “What just happened?” Twitter went crazy and the live broadcast blew up and got cut off for a few minutes. Once the broadcast was back, Drake finished with Know Yourself and H.Y.F.R, which was accompanied by some fireworks. Started From The Bottom was a clever tune to close the show with.

I had never seen Drake perform live before, but I really enjoyed it. The crowd in attendance certainly seemed to as well!

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So that’s it. Coachella day 3 is over, Coachella Weekend 1 ends. It was a whirlwind of talent, art, and fun! We’ll be back at it again next weekend for Coachella Weekend 2, so stay tuned!

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