Take Notice: Janelle Ginestra and Willdabeast Adams Whistle a New Tune In The Dance World

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Janelle Ginestra and Willdabeast Adams (aka the power dance duo) are back at it again with this fun number featuring Asia Monet Ray, Taylor Edgin, Taylor Thomas, Marissa Heart, and Brittanie Brant. These strong dancers strut their stuff in a visually appealing music video of color vortexes of blues and oranges from the clothing to the blue tarp on the tennis court. The group gets groovy with British pop singer, Katy Tiz’s new single, Whistle (While You Work It).

Front girl, Asia, rocks some serious biceps for a 9-year-old. Holy cow, yeah… 9-years-old. Good golly. She’s adorable and talented like crazy and rocks out with her twining head buns alongside her crew.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.36.10 PM

Janelle Ginestra and Willdabeast Adams are some of THE hottest choreographers right now. Their exciting YouTube channels are just a glimpse into just how cool these guys are. I seriously can’t get enough. The dance world is ready for these two. I’m always excited to see what projects they’re working on.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.09.04 AM

In 2013, Willdabeast founded immaBEAST dance company, which has really launched his choreography career. There is a LilBEAST company for younger dancers along with the immaBEAST company that has older, more experienced dancers. Working with various age groups has really allowed Willdabeast to hone his craft and become an expert in his field and artistic world. Not to mention they make some sick dance videos.


Another cool aspect of this video is how it’s filmed. Tim Milgram has been a favorite videographer for many dance choreographers lately. As a dancer himself, he knows how to choreograph sequences well that flatter the dancers but are also appealing for the audience to watch. He’s any choreographers/directors dream camera man. Be sure to check out his other work.

Without further adieu, check out these dancing divas along with the song’s original music video.

Whistle (While You Work It)- Katy Tiz

Be sure to subscribe to everyone’s YouTube channels below. I promise you won’t regret it:

Willdabeast Adams

Janelle Ginestra

Tim Milgram

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