Take Notice: Ed Sheeran + The Roots Cover Trap Queen

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Is there anything Ed Sheeran can’t do? But really… Sheeran, in the midst of his U.S. tour, stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week and did a comical sketch called ‘Ed Sheeran Sings Heavy Metal’ turned acoustic. It immediately drove attention from the media as anyone would find it humorous to see a cheeky ginger from the UK sing a Ty Dolla $ign song with a guitar.

Released today, Sheeran and The Tonight Show house band, The Roots, perform an acoustic version of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.” In a gray painted, in what appears to be a backstage dressing room, Sheeran and The Roots squeeze together to emit this lyrical tune. It’s a refreshing take of the song as it has become a popular/annoying tune amongst the Vine community for their 6-second talent show videos.

I think the only think that I was disappointed in about this video is that drummer, Questlove, was wearing a beanie which covered his ever luxurious afro. Other than that, it was a total smash. Good on you men.

What did you think of this cover? Let me know in the comments below.

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