Take Notice: Breaking The Triangle: Never Underestimate Sir James Marcus Haney

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No Cameras Allowed, Austin To Boston…. Now… Breaking The Triangle.

On Friday, June 26th, the infamous festival crasher, James Marcus Haney, teased his Instagram and Twitter followers with a trailer for his new short film, Breaking The Triangle:

We watched as the challenge unfolded publicly on Twitter last year, not only from pop star Ellie Goulding, but from the event’s Twitter too.

The Challenge:



We even hear from a familiar friend from No Cameras Allowed.

The Aftermath:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 2.15.40 PM

Might I say, he makes a pretty convincing Ellie Goulding. From the picture we can obviously tell that Haney and friends had a successful mission, though the film trailer leaves us hanging in suspense as to whether the guys could pull this dangerous challenge off or not.

I remember seeing this tweet last November from Ellie Goulding after all the hype No Cameras Allowed was getting. I thought, how cool that these artists are taking notice of Haney’s work, he’s obviously a very talented guy. Never in a million years did it cross my mind that he would actually go through with it. That should teach everyone to never underestimate Sir James Marcus Haney.

Haney says he’ll be posting the entire short film on July 7th, and we can’t wait.

Any suggestions on what the next stunt should be? Don’t be shy… he’ll probably do it.

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