Take Notice: Genevieve Shows Her Colors at Tiny Desk

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She spreads positivity and smiles joyfully the entire time she sings. Genevieve was invited to perform at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series and brought something fun, energetic and unique to the mix. Her voice is strong with a hint of raspiness, she’s kind of a Bjork/Regina Spektor/Marina & the Diamonds super hybrid in the best way. Lots of talent here. Plus her hair is super rad.

With just a little under 4K followers on Twitter, I was surprised there weren’t more. So take a listen, go follow her, and support this great talent.

With a little help from musician Christopher Faller, Genevieve’s Tiny Desk set list included:

1) Colors

2) The Enemy

3) Authority

She has a few tour dates this fall in the U.S. and is currently promoting her EP Show Your Colors. Take a listen on Spotify here.

(Special shoutout to my friend Haley for introducing me to Genevieve!)

Check out one of my other favorite Tiny Desk performances by T-Pain.

2 Replies to “Take Notice: Genevieve Shows Her Colors at Tiny Desk”

  1. Unless G. IS actually tansgender, I DON’T appreciate that your photos on this page make her look that way.

    1. WTF is your comment dude… these are approved images that Genevieve posted herself. Please spell check and check yourself before trolling.

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