Lana Del Rey’s Music Video for ‘High By The Beach’ Is… Explosive

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Lana Del Rey- bazooka

"With third album Honeymoon on the horizon, Lana Del Rey'Ultraviolence is the rear view mirror -- but that doesn't mean she won't go Rambo on a paparazzo's ass at a moment's notice in her latest music video, "High By the Beach.""

~Joe Lynch,

In a dream-like trance, Del Rey floats around a mostly unfurnished beach house, gracing corridors in a silk house robe and long gown. Viewers are toured through the residence, much like in Florence + The Machine’s music video for Ship To Wreck. Lana sings few lines while being haunted by a helicopter with the ever so aggressive paparazzi. Del Rey won’t stand for this though. Skipping out to the rocks along the shore, Lana returns with a bazooka, secretly hidden in a guitar case. What comes next? Well, you’ll just have to watch…

This is Del Rey’s second track released off her upcoming album Honeymoon, said to be released this September.

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