Mumtown: That One Time Jimmy Kimmel and Mumford & Sons Were a 90s Boy Band

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Mumtown on VH1 in 1998

This exclusive clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live last week hilariously goes behind-the-scenes of what was once Mumtown, a combination of present-day Mumford & Sons and Jimmy Kimmel. The 90s boy band days before Mumford & Sons discovered the banjo were full of screaming teenage girls, catchy songs, and even better hair styles. Maybe you’ve heard a tune or two. Mumtown was best know for their hits like “Girl, I’m Saying Girl, Girl,” “Package 4-U,” and “O.M.G.U.H.O.T.”

With a different band name, the band members also rocked alter egos…except for Winston who is never anything but himself…

Can we all agree though that Marcy Marcus can definitely rock the sideways baseball cap look.

I was sensing some NSYNC and Backstreet Boy style influences… but that might just be me.

NSYNC (left), Backstreet Boys (right)

The tale of Mum, Jimmy Kimmel, is told and how his chance at a solo career spiraled into madness as the rest of the band moved on to greatness. Mum’s the word, or not so much in this case.

Mum during VH1 performance in 1998
Mum during VH1 performance in 1998

Watch the extremely authentic VH1 special below.

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