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Day 1 Coachella 2016 brought some good tunes to the playing field. Here’s who I caught:

Robert Delong

Robert energized the day 1 crowd with radio favorite Long Way Down and brought out the fabulously talented Lindsey Stirling for Global Concepts and a few other numbers. Stirling shuffled her way around the stage and around an awkward saxophone player chilling out in the middle of the stage. When he busted a tune though, you listened, man can jam. Each member of the Delong party rocked some fun tribal print face paint and overall began to heighten the crowd’s excitement for the coming weekend.

Screenshots from live broadcast


I didn’t know this talented duo before yesterday, but gosh oh golly, I’m a fan now. Twin sisters, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz brought French-Cuban music with a Afro beat bass to the stage and I was digging it. I was initially attracted to Naomi’s tribal print jumpsuit but stayed because of Lisa’s captivating storytelling.

The sisters played Think Of You, a tribute to their late father and sister as a celebration of their lives. It was obvious to see the profound effect music has had on their healing. This led into a cover of the  Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) which caught me off guard but somehow it worked.

The duo ended with their hit River and had the crowd assist on this one.

Ibeyi~ “Come To You River”

Crowd~ “WASH MY SOUL!”

Screenshots from live broadcast

Lord Huron

I had never seen what Lord Huron looks like, though I listen to their music often. There was something so ‘Elvis Presley’ about watching them perform… minus the hip thrusts, sorry ladies. The palm trees swaying behind the stage threw out some major California beach vibes. Couldn’t help but think about this music soundtracking the next Johnny Tsunami film… I kid ūüôā

Their set list included Dead Man’s Hand, Ends Of The Earth, Hurricane, Into The Woods (I got up and danced around for this one. One of my favs, plus the wine had kicked in a bit at this point), and The World Ender.

Screenshots from live broadcast


No one told me how attractive this band is! They rock hard too! Hope they stick around for a while and have a long career. Their set included Give It All, Inhaler, Mountain At My Gates, and What Went Down. There was an attempted crowd surf at the end by lead singer, Yannis Philippakis, though it was very short lived. Overall a great set. One of my favorites from day 1.

Screenshots from live broadcast

I started watching Of Monsters And Men just long enough to notice their all black clothing ensemble before my system automatically switched to Borns, and there I stayed.


If Johnny Depp’s character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were a singer… appearance wise. Borns dressed theatrically with a kiss of 70s glam. Borns fuses electro-pop-rock to a boil and simmers in chill synths with oozing lyrics.

The set list included Seeing Stars, Dopamine, Past Lives, and Electric Love. The crowd really turned up for Electric Loveeeeeeeee… Ohhhhawaaoohhooo!

Screenshots from live broadcast

The Kills

I’m not familiar with their music. I gave them a quick listen but couldn’t get into it so I moved on.

Sam Felt

Caught the tail-end of Sam’s set which included his hit Show Me Love. Seemed like a fun set.

A$AP Rocky

I didn’t care much for A$AP Rocky before this performance and I didn’t care much for him after either. He brought out Kanye, which definitely didn’t score any extra points in my book. They got cut off at the end because they overstayed their stage time which pissed a lot of people off when the mics cut. But idk, just not my cup of tea.

Ellie Goulding

Nighttime has fallen over Coachella Valley, the ferris wheel and lights all over the park illuminate as Ellie takes the stage. Ellie wins for best stage entrance of the day. The stage production and band build the suspense and Ellie delivered in her set without a hitch. I’m still baffled that Ellie¬†isn’t considered a main headliner this year. With the number of hits she’s seen off her last two albums, she certainly performed as a headliner.

Her set included Holding On For Life, Outside, Burn (she started to cry a bit here, overwhelmed by the crowds loyalty and love for her), Lights, On My Mind, Anything Could Happen, I Need Your Love, Figure 8, and ends with her 2015 hit Love Me Like You Do.

Screenshots from live broadcast

LCD Soundsysytem

Only caught the end of this set. Just in time to see them sing All My Friends and Heroes, a beautiful tribute to the late David Bowie that was recently revived in the 2015 film, Perks Of Being A Wallflower. 

Overall, a great first day of Coachella 2016. Ibeyi, Foals, and Ellie Goulding take the cake for my day 1 favorites. Agree/disagree with my review? Let me know. Did you see any great bands I need to know about?

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  1. Really great write up. I look forward to reading about the Saturday line up.

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