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Day 2! Here’s who I caught on this beautiful Saturday:


Loved these guys and their choice of clothing. It resembled early 2000’s Eminem. Deceiving to the eye, this band from Sydney had an ‘Oasis’ type groove that’s definitely worth checking out.


Screenshots from live broadcast



Moon Taxi

I’d never heard of Moon Taxi before this performance, but I’m a fan now. Really loved this group. Kind of a cross between Kings Of Leon and The Neighbourhood, their set included Red Hot Lights, All Day All Night, Who’s To Say, and Morocco which the crowd loved… Myself included. “Ooooohhhh, Morocooooo!”


Screenshots from live broadcast


Gary Clark Jr.

Austin, Texas native represented the great state and some true rock n’ roll in Coachella Valley on Saturday afternoon with some sick guitar licks. His set included Bright Lights (soooo groooovy), Next Door Neighbourhood Blues, Ain’t Messin ‘Round, and Our Love. His guitarist was my fav though. I’ve never seen a man rock a top knot and a neon pink poncho so hard. Shoutout. 

Screenshots from live broadcast


James Bay

James Bay is a magical beast and he did not hold back for his Coachella performance. Performing many hits off his debut album Chaos And The Calm, Bay seduced the crowd for his performances of Collide, Craving, We Were On Fire, If You Ever Want To Be In Love, Let It Go (best crowd sing along I’ve seen up until this point), Scars, Best Fake Smile (Bay and the crowd dance hard for this one with matching syncopated rhythms), and ended with the Hold Back the River which had the whole tent jumping.

He’s a British rock favorite and he did not disappoint fans.


Screenshots from live broadcast


Courtney Barnett

If ‘bed head’ was a person and a personality, Barnett is the epitome. So chill and lazy in her delivery, but somehow it works… It really works. Enough to get this artist nominated for a ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy this year.

Her set included Dead Fox, Avant Gardner, Debbie Downer, An Illustration Of Lonliness, Depreston, Pedestrian At Best (this is a more rock infused song. She got a bit punk angry here. It’s kind of like she woke-up-from-her-bed-head-slumber-but-didn’t-have-her-coffee-yet… kind of song), Elevator Operator, and then closed with No One Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party.


Screenshots of live broadcast



Scottish electro-pop, Chvrches, brought their extreme energy, glitter and commitment to the stage. Lead singer, Lauren Mayberry rocked a Black Swan look with long streaks of glitter eyewear and a black lace dress.

Chvrches set included Never Ending Circles, We Sink, Keep You on My Side, Empty Threat, Gun, Bury It, Recover, Leave A Trace, Clearest Blue, and The Mother We Share.

Overall, an atmospheric-tech inspired, performance. I was honestly surprised to see this group on the main stage but they held their own, and in full force too.


Screenshots of live broadcast



These awesome brothers from the UK brought their many musical talents to the stage, including a few special guests. AlunaGeorge started off the set and built hype for the next special guest, Lorde. I had a feeling Lorde would show up as she Instagram’ed’ earlier in the day that she was on the festival grounds. She sang her hit Magnets which was followed by Willing And Able with guest Kwabs. Following Kwabs, the brothers played their repetitive but remarkably catchy tune When A Fire Starts To Burn, then Hourglass where they brought out Lion Babe. This girl has some big hair and even bigger dance moves. Something a little Spice Girls about her which I loved.

The set ended with Holding On, Moving Mountains, and oh yeah… The amazing Sam Smith appears (thank the Lord) and sang Omen and Latch. I was soooo excited to Sam on that stage. This set ruled. Who’s the next great collaboration?


Screenshots of live broadcast



I’ve listened to Halsey a lot and I’ve tried to like her, I just don’t get all the hype. Her performance Saturday night at Coachella almost felt a bit immature, like she knew she had a lot to prove. It just didn’t feel sincere. Badlands was her debut album and was a large success, I just felt disconnected from this performance. I’ll give the stage and production team props through. It was a pretty wicked set up.

Her clothing ensemble resembled an outfit Pink! would wear… Or should I say swimsuit?

Halsey’s set included Roman Holiday, Drive, Ghost, Blue, Hurricane, New Americana... Where special guest Brandon Urie from Panic! at The Disco joined in for a special rendition of I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Truely the highlight of her set was hearing the crowd SCREAM this song. Halsey ended her set with Young God then dramatically strutted off into the abyss.

Screenshots of live broadcast



Dressed like Beatlejuice but danced like Lorde, Grimes’ set included REALiTi, Venus Fly which Janelle Monae joined on stage for in a stunning fringe jacket for a messy yet coordinated dance party that resembled some of my middle school sleepover parties, Flesh Without Blood (a bit Barbie Girl by Aqua sounding), Butterfly, and Scream with guest Aristophanes. I missed the last bit of the set because Zedd started… by Grimes, HELLOOO Zedd! Overall a lot of thrashing happening during this set by Grimes and her dancers while encouraging the crowd to, “Rage harder!”


Screenshots of live broadcast



“Coachella!? Are you guys fuc*&$kin  ready?”

No Zedd, no they weren’t ready for this amazing set. The best light/laser show you’ll ever see live. Watch out for that pyro too, that’ll burn your eyebrows right off. I felt the most envious of the crowd during this performance. So much jumping and dancing, how the ground didn’t implode, I do not know.

Zedd’s set included Beautiful Now, Rather Be by Clean Bandit, Rude by MAGIC!, Stay The Night, Cool Kids by Echosmith in which he actually brought out Sydney Sierota, Illusion, Remedy, Candyman with special guest Aloe Blacc (really good), Hotline Bling by Drake, Break Free with Ariana Grande, I Want You To Know with Selena Gomez, One More Time by Daft Punk, and Spectrum. Next up, Zedd stunned the crowd by bringing out the beloved Ke$ha to perform their new track together True Colors. Dressed in all black, Ke$ha looked happy and sang confidently while rocking her unicorn colored hair. The set ended with Alive and lots and lots of confetti. Boom.

Screenshots of live broadcast


That’s a wrap on Day 2. Another full day of amazing music and some fun surprised performances. Bring it on Day 3! Check out my other coverage below:

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