OshKosh B’gosh, Go Bleachers- 09.20.17 at House of Blues Dallas

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I felt like I was on set of a 80s high school prom movie but with notably less shoulder padding.

Bleachers put on one hell of a show Wednesday night at House of Blues in Dallas. With a crowd ranging from young 20 somethings, to mid 40s, the audience collectively threw a party and danced the entire night.

Bleachers, led by front man Jack Antonoff, brought his New Jersey funk to the stage and allowed Dallas to forget that it was only a Wednesday night. It’s the first show I’ve been to in a while where people unplugged from shoving their phone in their faces the whole night. Hands were flying through the air and friends were jumping to the beat of both drums kits on stage. The atmosphere was so kid like, I even saw a grown man in jean overalls. OshKosh B’gosh, go Bleachers.

‘This is gonna be a good night. Fuck this feels good Dallas.’ ~ Antonoff

Their set started off with a brief intro and flew into Shadow, Wild Heart, and Everybody Lost Somebody which carried a heavy saxophone melody. Bringing some hometown love, saxophone player, Evan Smith ate up the load roar geared up from the floor all the way to the folks seated in the balcony for welcoming him home to Dallas.

The crowd sang happy birthday to band member, Ryan, and the crew even brought out a birthday cake covered in candles.

‘What are you going to wish for? A great show in Dallas?” ~Jack

“Yeahhhhh!!!” ~Ryan and crowd

Hearing the saxophone and chimes during I Miss Those Days, sounded like Christmas was visiting the room for a second. The set naturally progressed into Let’s Get Married, complete with fabulously enhanced pink stage lighting… only missing the heart shaped confetti. Next time!

Antonoff went acoustic for Carry On (fun. cover – Antonoff is the lead guitarist in fun.) and Like a River Runs. The crowd momentarily seemed unsure of themselves when Carry On began but picked right up at the chorus which partnered well with cell phone lights and arm sways.

The night ended with notably the band’s most popular radio hits I Wanna Get Better and Don’t Take The Money.

The energy was high, the 80s pop influence was real, and the dance floor rocked this Wednesday at House of Blues Dallas.

What’s next for this band?

Complete setlist and photo gallery below.

Dallas Setlist

  1. Dream of Mickey Mantle
  2. Goodmorning
  3.  Shadow
  4. Wild Heart
  5. Everybody Lost Somebody
  6. Hate That You Know Me
  7. Wake Me
  8. I Miss Those Days
  9. Let’s Get Married
  10. All My Heroes
  11. Rollercoaster
  12. Carry On (fun. cover)
  13. Like a River Runs
  14. Foreign Girls
  15. You’re Still a Mystery
  16. I Wanna Get Better
  17. Don’t Take the Money

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