Moon Taxi at Granada Theater Dallas 2017

Dallas ‘Put ‘Em Up’ for Moon Taxi | 09/21/17

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High praises and spirits as Moon Taxi took to Granada Theater’s stage in Dallas on September 21, 2017.

The crowd trickled into Granada Theater Thursday night as Moon Taxi made their Dallas tour stop. The pre-show playlist consisted of new music from Phoenix, Arcade Fire and the always welcome, The 1975. Already off to a good start, the crowd was greeted with a live social media stream of the theater’s Twitter account on the venue screens. The tweets were entertaining to say the least as people donated funds to a desperate guy’s Venmo account to enhance his evening beer funds.

Moon Taxi promptly took to the stage and welcomed the audience with lead singer, Trevor Terndrup’s dashing smile. Dallas was in full-on thirsty Thursday mode. Smoke was in the air and beer was being thrown in excitement as the band launched into the first song, Mercury, setting the tone for the high energy night.

“Dallas! It’s been a second. Y’all look great!”

~ Trevor Terndrup
Setting the Stage

The set progressed with Change, Make Your Mind Up, Who’s to Say, and Suspicious. 

“Oh’ Oh’ suspicious. Suspicious of this place tonight.”

~Suspicious, Moon Taxi

The overhead lighting formed 3 massive ‘X’s’ across the back of the stage as Moon Taxi warned of weariness and suspicion. The song rolled into an epic jam while simultaneously inspiring some kids in the back of the theater to dance the disco.

With no end, Suspicious melted straight into a cover of Eurythmics Sweet Dreams. The young 20 and 30 year-olds roared as Trevor’s hat fell off to fully embrace his rock spell head bang.  

As Year Zero took over the room, the crowd took over the singing. Never have you heard more beautiful “Oh oh oh’s” from a mass of mostly dudes. Terndrup took a knee dive into an electric guitar solo to finish it off.

Moon Taxi at Granada Theatre Dallas

The set continued with Young Journey and into obvious crowd favorite Morocco. The loud talking at the surrounding bars simmered for the loudest sing-along of the night. The stage filled with yellow and gold lighting creating the ambience for a total groove that had grown men moving their hips in ways they never had before.

Run Right Back had the theater covered in blue. The way the lights projected onto the painted ceiling of Dallas’ beloved Granada Theater looked like a swimming pool glistening in moonlight, quite magical.

A Few Covers for Classic Rock Fans…

The magic ‚Äčadvanced into a beautiful piano cover of John Lennon’s Imagine, which dissolved into River Water. The crowd danced itself into a frenzy along with each drum beat. Folks were even two-stepping in the aisles… this is Texas and all. 

My favorite surprise of the evening was the Eagles Hotel California (1976) cover. Didn’t see it coming but boy, did Moon Taxi deliver. I saw Don Felder, formerly of the Eagles perform this live about 2 months ago and was blown away to hear it again in person. I was even more thoroughly impressed with the young crowd’s knowledge of these lyrics. Their parents would’ve be proud.

The contrast of heavy and slower rock in Moon Taxi’s hype song Moving To The City made me think that it would be a great backing track to a college football promo… just saying ESPN, you should check it out.

Nearing the end of the night the band exited the stage, all but drummer Tyler Ritter. He remained to play a dazzling solo accompanied by perfectly choreographed lighting with each flick of his drum sticks. Trevor, Wes, Spencer, and Tommy joined once again for one last jam.

Moon Taxi at Granada Theatre Dallas

The evening ended with fiery performances of Two High, Red Hot Lights and an encore presentation of All Day All Night. 

What’s next for Moon Taxi? Hopefully more touring including additional stops in Dallas. Maybe touring as support for a big arena or amphitheater show next year? I’d tour them with Kings Of Leon or Maroon 5 in a heartbeat. Whoever… hope they’re back soon to meet Dallas again with that Texas sized smile and energy.

Setlist from Moon Taxi in Dallas 9/21/17:

  1. Mercury
  2. Change
  3. Make Your Mind Up
  4. Who’s to Say?
  5. Suspicious
  6. Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover)
  7. Year Zero
  8. Young Journey
  9. Morocco
  10. Run Right Back
  11. Imagine (John Lennon cover)
  12. River Water
  13. Hotel California (Eagles cover)
  14. Moving to the City
  15. Two High
  16. Red Hot Lights
  17. All Day All Night

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