Music To… Drink Coffee To: House Playlist and My 4 Favorite Dallas Coffee Shops

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If you’re anything like me, you need coffee to even remotely thrive on a day-to-day basis. I am by no means a coffee snob and pretty much order a vanilla latte at every shop I go to (sometimes hot, sometimes iced… wild girl, I know), but lately I’ve been trying new items and checking out the local shops.

Some of my favorites local spots in Dallas:

  • Ascension Coffee Roasters– I frequent the Crescent location and love the French inspired interior of this shop. Usually packed with business folks from the offices near by, this is the perfect little shop to stop in at for an afternoon pick me up. I get some weird kick out of walking in wearing a concert t-shirt and ripped jeans while being surround by suits and pencil skirts… corporate dress code life is not meant for everyone! Also has a great brunch menu. Try a panini!
  • Crooked Tree Coffee House– This shop serves a mean latte. Heavy whip at the top. So, so good. The shop is a converted house tucked in to the side of Whole Foods in uptown flooding with Dallas’ hippest kids. Crooked Tree has comfortable seating with couches and coworking spaces and is the perfect shop to be nuzzled in on a cool fall morning in Dallas.
  • Oak Lawn Coffee- I love the local neighborhood feel of this place. Always greeted by friendly workers eager to make you the perfect cup of joe. It’s a quiet shop with some tables, but I mostly grab and go due to the popularity and time of day I typically go (Saturday & Sunday mornings while out running errands). Love the cold brew here.
  • Magnolias Sous Le Pont- Probably the cutest shop on the list, this shop is hidden in the Harwood District on the side of an office building. The bright turquoise exterior will be sure to catch your eye and peak your curiosity. I love the dim lighting and cozy atmosphere of this space. They make awesome holiday themed drinks here, my favorite was the lavender latte from Valentines Day. Delicious! Cute patio as well for when the weather is nice.

Music To… Drink Coffee To…

Whether you’re at a coffee shop to study, work or for the social aspect, I’ve curated the perfect coffee house playlist to soundtrack your sipping. I’ve been working on this one for a while and am excited to finally share.

Check it out on Spotify and be sure to follow for new additions!

For my day-to-day morning coffee at home, I’ve been making this French Vanilla coffee from Trader Joe’s. It’s a medium dark roast and is 100% delicious.


Retails around $6.99. Get cha some!


Have a favorite coffee spot in Dallas or a drink I should try? Let me know about it in the comments below!

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