Pledge Campaign: American Pets First EP- ‘Doing the Best We Can’

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If the band American Pets doesn’t sound familiar, it’s okay… it’s new. Recently known as Travelers, American Pets is made up of members Eric Cannata (guitar), Francois Comtois (drums), Aidin Sadeghi (guitar), and Bret Leinen (Bass).


Cannata and Comtois are both hot off tour with Young The Giant‘s Home Of The Strange tour which has been on the road for the last 2 years. Seeing a lot of success off this last album and tour, these guys naturally work on some different side projects in their down time. That project for Eric and Fran is American Pets with the help of talented musicians Aidin and Bret.

Album one, Sleeptalking, under Travelers from 2016, is beautiful. Filled with alluring singer/songwriter melodies and french inspired tongue, it has the influence of Ray LaMontagne, Chris Garneau, and Jose Gonzalez infused into its tracks. A few of my favorites include Blackwall Memorial (the soft consistent piano and chorus build remind me a bit of Black Tables by Other Lives), Tempete (in French), and Something I Said (vibes like an Alabama Shakes rock song mixed with the beach).

The band’s website says it best…”Each member is displayed in a variety of lead vocal performances, group harmonies, rotating instrumentation and collaborative songwriting.” Sleeptalking really feels like a carefully crafted work of art from a group of multi-talented artists.

Listen below:

If you love the music as much as I do and want to hear more, I hope you’ll consider donating to the band’s pledge campaign in preparation of American Pets debut album, Doing the Best We Can.

With your help we will be able to film a music video, print CD’s, Vinyls, T-shirts, and other merch, and get this EP heard by as many people as possible! ~ American Pets


I’ve made my donation and hope you’ll join me in supporting this awesome band.

By donating, you’ll pre-order the EP and can choose from a variety of items all the way from a t-shirt to an uber fan experience that include executive producer credits on the album, name in the liner notes and pizza and tickets to the American Pets’ show in LA. Any amount helps! #SupportTheArts and get some great music out of it too!

You can help support American Pets by pledging your support here.

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