Top 11 Best Choreographed Music Videos

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Music is a wonderful thing, but when it makes you want to dance, that’s a game changer in my books. I’ve gathered some of my all time favorite choreographed music videos to share. Actual dance choreography is part of it, but when artists and directors AND choreographers can collaborate to make a piece, something special can really come of it.

My personal background is in dance, from age 5 to current I guess… but was heavier around my competition days from age 12-19. If a song has great dance capabilities, it typically ranks higher as a favorite. Serving some sass and a good throwback with the pictures below… ha!

Come along with me and explore the magic of art and dance with some of my top picks…

1) Parad(w/m)e- Sylvan Esso

This music video is what I’d expect from Wes Anderson if he turned away from Hollywood and into the music video world. Fun, quirky, colorful, and unusual locations. The small dirt town reminds me of those many west Texas towns I used to drive through to get to my university. And I definitely wish I was in this convenience store stuffing my face with food…

2) On+Off- Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is fearless. She enters the industry from an art collegiate background and was most likely inspired by many different artists in her path. I love this video, journey through dance, fashion, and color… but mostly the white pant suit.

3) What You Know- Two Door Cinema Club

Throwing it back a bit with this one, but my high school friend and I used to always joke about learning the choreography in the video of ballet dancers turned pop jazz. The quirky movements and upbeat tempo make you just want to bop along…

4) Busy Earnin’- Jungle

No one is cool enough to hang with this crew. Their smooth moves and overall straight faces create such a slick vibe it this low production, but feel good video. Grab your sneakers and let’s groove!

5) Ship To Wreck- Florence + The Machine

I remember being completely obsessed with this video on its release and loved the intricate storytelling and camera choreography as it follows Florence through her actual home with some obstacles on the way.

6) King- Years and Years

I loved the idea of the dancers being a fantasy in this video. It’s cool to see bands not afraid to join in with something probably a little outside of their comfort zone. I also really like the muted colors in the video. It really compliments such a colorful song.

7) Different- Ximena SariƱana

This music video was an iTunes free download yearsssss ago but always stuck in my head. I think this was fresh off the great poolside choreography from High School Musical 2, but there’s just something about floaties and overhead shots of synchronized swimmers that make me happy. Love the old dudes playing brass too, ha!

8) Super Far- LANY

This is literally such a simple video, but aesthetically so pleasing. Really great camera choreography and lighting. I love that these guys aren’t afraid to bust a move either…

9) Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn

If you don’t want to go clubbing with Robyn after this video… you’re wrong. A giant warehouse, club lighting, and platform shoes is all this girl needs. The world wasn’t ready for that backwards summersault though…

10) I’m Better- Missy Elliott ft. Lamb

This video definitely looks more expensive than the others in this group, more dancers, fashion, lighting, sets, etc. There’s a lot of creative behind it. This was a great video for Missy’s comeback and absolutely gets the award for most creative use of an exercise ball in a dance number.

11) Luna- Bombay Bicycle Club

Don’t forget water dancing in this fun Bombay Bicycle Club number! I love the use of over-head, eye level, and under water shots in this music video. The camera flips are crazy too! Such a fun song for summer and synchronized swimming with the gals. If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re wrong.

Do you have an awesome dance video you want me to see? Paste a link in the comments below!

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