Maggie Rogers 10/24/18 at House of Blues Dallas

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Maggie Rogers is a unicorn. She graces the stage with such confidence and ‘pro-female’ positivity. It’s refreshing to have such a strong, young, female lead in the current landscape of the world.

We couldn’t help but bust a move as Maggie jammed across the stage Wednesday, October 24th at House of Blues Dallas. Playing her hits ‘Alaska’, ‘On + Off’, presenting new tunes from her upcoming project, and yelling at a dude in the house for inappropriately cat calling her on stage (don’t mess with this girl), the night was jam-packed full of excitement.

“Guys, I’m playing this song on SNL in 10 days” ~Maggie Rogers (crowd ROARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

It was an exciting evening as Maggie Rogers played to an intimate room, just before she makes her live debut on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on 11/3. She’s on the verge of an exploding time in her career with new music on the horizon, a feature on Mumford & Sons upcoming album ‘Delta’ (out 11/16), and a huge U.S. and European tour slated to run until the end of April 2019.

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If you don’t know Maggie, get familiar with the video that launched her career and undeniable stardom from 2016:

Also got to make a quick stop backstage before the show to say ‘hello’. She’s perfect, I swear.

“Guys, I got this” ~ Maggie Rogers (strikes fantastic pose)

… (I’m that floating head in the back right corner)


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  1. I was not trying to be rude or deming by cat calling her, it was more like your cute. I was trying to compliment her. I guess she did not like it after calling me out on it. People around me said wow that was not nice from her. Oh well.

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