How did this happen… 5 years already? Don’t worry, I didn’t go to the grocery store and get a number 5 balloon to take a picture with. Promise.

First concert ReverberateMUSIC ever covered, Zedd 2015

What started as a classroom assignment in Grad School, turned hobby, turned side gig, ReverberateMUSIC has been through a lot.

The blogging world has turned into this annoying thing for me in the age of influencers. That was never the intention of this site nor will it ever be. I genuinely love music and love meeting people through music and the goal of ReverberateMUSIC is to share great music. I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with some incredible folks during the last five years of this thing and am pumped to continue whatever lies ahead.

Since joining the ‘real world’ after grad school and working what feels like 24/7, content hasn’t always been consistent but a girls gotta sleep sometimes, ya know? I don’t ever want to post just to post. Unless it’s something that REALLY excites me and I’m dying to share it, that’s when you’ll hear from me. I can trust you to get your other music news from the likes of Rolling Stone and Billboard because let’s face it, there’s a lot of shit out there and mine’s not the most important. This is coming off a bit more self deprecating than planned… let’s move on….

Here are a few things I’ve learned from my time in this web-space-blog-world called ReverberateMUSIC:

  1. Going to a concert by yourself is TOTALLY OKAY. It was scary at first, no gonna lie. I’ve started to go to more and more shows by myself to review/photograph and I’ve had a really great time doing it. You get to take more time to understand the atmosphere of the room, get a sense of the crowd and might even make a few friends. Life is too short to not go to the concert, and honestly, I just got tired of missing the shows that I REALLY wanted to see but didn’t have any friends interested in going with me. Just freaking go…. also side note… Matt Corby, please come back to Dallas. I’m so sorry I missed you. Australia to Texas is a quick flight, right?
  2. Internet trolls suck. Don’t engage with them. But if you do… ALWAYS get the last word. JK…. but not really.
  3. Putting yourself out there can be scary. I’ve started working with entertainment folks more and more to cover shows in my city. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Sometimes rejection happens but it makes the times when it doesn’t happen, just that more exciting.
  4. You don’t have to be a dude to be in the photo pit. Honestly, most shows I go shoot, I’m the only chick with a camera and I’ve definitely experienced some sexist comments from male photographers that work for big publications in the city. It really bothered me at first but then I realized, we’re all getting access to the same show so can they be that much better than me? I still get a bit intimidated sometimes, but honestly I’ve learned to channel that into just doing my thing and being a boss. If you’re a female and scared to get out there and try, just do it. I promise you the adrenaline and the excitement of the show starting and those fans screaming is worth every bit of anxiety. Work hard, and get there.
  5. I can write something I’m really excited about and sometimes no one reads it, and that’s okay. Honestly it’s more fun for me to go back and read posts a few years down the road, like reading old diary entries. Usually a good laugh is had.
  6. I’m not the best writer, never have been. Somehow I faked my way into AP English in high school… what was that about anyways? I’m trying to be better and honestly it’s been a while since I’ve written a post this long because I know it’s not my strongest asset. Whatever… I’m going to keep trying and who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a book… lol… even I didn’t believe that. Carrie Bradshaw, come take my computer away from me.
  7. 24 hour deadlines can be rough between consecutive shows. Sometimes when you’re photographing an artist/band, their team requires the photos within 24 hours for review. When you’re at a show until 11pm, don’t really get home/eat/settle until 12:30am, start editing… fall asleep, wake up for your full-time gig like a normal human, work an 10 hour day, then rush home to finish editing before running to another show… can be challenging. But honestly, I kind of love the adrenaline. Give me a cup of coffee and I’ll be up until 4am and still SOMEHOW can be a functioning person at work the next day. If I have a day off, you betcha I’m in FULL hibernation mode. Like 12 hour sleep days. Maybe more. Too sleepy to count.
  8. Support bands & artists you love. Go to their shows, buy their merch, share their music with all your friends. You never know how long they’ll be around for. #RIPMacMiller <3
  9. Don’t trust people that don’t like music. Like seriously… there’s something wrong there.
  10. Don’t wear white shirts or nice shoes in the photo pit. Wearing white will make you glow when the lights are on and sometimes kids get over-heated and result to barfing into the pit (where you’re standing) when they’re in the front row. Nuff said.

I feel like that’s a glamorous note to end on.

I like what’s going on here and I know it’s come a long way. I hope you enjoy it too. If you don’t, tell me in the comments and let’s get into it… jk… I’ll win.

Anyone remember when we looked like this? Circa 2014

But really, thanks for enjoying music with me. I hope I’ve inspired you to maybe check out a new artist or song or playlist you wouldn’t normally have listened to. I’m always down for recommendations as well. Send me an email, DM me on Instagram.. whatever, just holla!

Year 5 ReverberateMUSIC, let’s get into it…


3 Replies to “ReverberateMUSIC Turns 5”

  1. Oh my goodness… 5 years! A couple of comments. I love your writing so step away from the laptop Carrie Bradshaw, you’re yesterday’s woman ;-). I love that you start out by encouraging everyone to go to concerts by themselves. It applies to Life generally. Don’t be waiting for anyone else, don’t be waiting for permission from anyone – just do it. Having said that, I’ve never gone to a concert by myself! Will do so now that I have your permission… ha. Finally, I felt a note of sensitivity regarding point number 9 but sometimes people just like (intelligent!) talk radio & podcasts a little bit more than music but it’s not that we don’t like music ;-).

    That’s a serious 5 year work schedule Teagan. Hope you’re getting a break to listen to great music in a more leisurely fashion! But don’t give up the blogging. It’s fab. Here’s to the next 5 years.

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