National Cookie Day + Holiday Playlist | Wednesday, December 4

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Nothing says the holidays quite like dancing around the kitchen to your favorite holiday tunes and baking (more than enough) cookies to last you through the new year.

I’ve gathered up some of my favorite holiday songs, some new & some old, for all the holiday festivities in your December!

Go buy overwhelming amounts of sugar and flour, grab some friends and get to baking!

I love trying new cookie recipes each year as well as keeping a few favorites around. If you have a favorite recipe, please share in the comments below! Would love to try it out… there’s still 20+ days until Christmas anyways…

Old Favorite- ‘No Bake’ Angel Wing Cookies
  • 2 cups of small marshmallos
  • 2 cups of Captain Crunch cereal
  • 2 cups of salted peanuts
  • 2 cups of pretzel sticks
  • 2 12oz bags of white morsels
  • Add marshmallows, Captain Crunch, peanuts, and pretzel sticks to a large bowl. Stir until completely mixed.
  • In a small bowl, melt half a bag of the morsels in the microwave (I usually do this in increments of :30 secs, then stir). Keep adding heat and stirring until melted. Be careful not to burn the morsels!
  • Gradually stir the melted morsels over the large bowl and mixed in until completely covered.
  • Clump covered mix into small balls on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for 15-20 mins (or until hardened).
  • Enjoy!

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