Music For The Mountains | An Original Reverberate MUSIC Playlist

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I’ve grown up around the flat plains of Texas, so as you can imagine, mountains are always pretty exciting to see when traveling. My mom recently got a place in Colorado and we’ve been fortunate enough to make a second home in the Rocky Mountains. Spending a few weeks in Colorado each year has been such an incredible addition to our lives.

We often make the drive from Texas to Colorado (about 14 hours), and after listening to the latest Mumford & Sons album Delta (2018) on the drive out for the holidays in 2018 (in my opinion, their most cinematic album to date), I felt pretty inspired to make a scenic mountain playlist.

These songs run along the theme of ‘EPICNESS‘. Most songs have a big instrumental break that really builds, some sort of ethereal ambience feel to them, or a pretty sick bass line… all to make you feel like an indestructible, mighty mountain in the sun or snow!

Whether you’re driving through the mountains, skiing down the slopes, or just staring out your window at a moose, perhaps, I hope these songs make your experience a little more magical.

Be sure to follow the playlist below. I’ve been curating it for over a year now and hope to add to it gently as our trips continue. I hope you’re able to enjoy it as much as we are!

Reverberate Music Presents Music For The Mountains:

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