The music submissions have been pouring in and it’s been wonderful getting to learn about everyone’s projects. There’s definitely not a new music shortage, even in COVID times which is honestly so inspiring.

I needed to sort a good place to highlight a few and share them with you. Upcoming, aspiring, & budding singers, bands, and musicians will be compiled each month in the new Artist Spotlight feature.

I’ve selected 3 submissions this month so listen, follow, and find that new artist or band you’ve been looking for.

Linework- The Honest Heart Collective

Linework” is about acceptance and coming to terms with how your relationships change. Try to stay in touch and make time for your friends as best as you can. Everyone’s busy these days – different schedules, different cities, different everything. Something as simple as sending a text or setting up a lunch date goes a long way. It might not be just like the old days, but it’s still important. Thanks so much for listening.

~ The Honest Heart Collective

Sweeter Things- Jacqueline Tucci

“Sweeter Things” was written at a time when I was feeling frustrated with the state of the world. I wanted to write about it and use my voice through my music, but I felt nervous about possibly stepping on some toes in doing so.

This song is about shedding those insecurities and finding the confidence to speak my mind. It’s a statement that I’m not going to put myself in a box to meet someone else’s expectations. I’m not trying to be sweet, I’m trying to be honest, and right now I have something to say.

~ Jacqueline Tucci

Rollerskating- Sizzy Rocket

Drawing inspiration from the early days of her current relationship, “Rollerskating” chronicles the giddy yet terrifying experience of falling in love. It’s gentle, emotive, and atmospheric — words that aren’t usually associated with Sizzy Rocket — but still radiates the raw, palpable vulnerability that pulsates through all of Sizzy’s work.

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