Late Night Dance Parties Fueled By ‘Nocturnal Pop’ | Original Playlist

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If anything during quarantine has been consistent in my house, it’s been my nightly pop living room dance parties. They happen at least once a week, sometimes more, usually including wine…

Pre-quarantine, I usually attend/work a few concerts a week (if I’m lucky) and most of the time that usually involves me dancing on a night out with friends. While my knees have had a little time to recover, man do I miss that energy.

My current state of quarantine mindset has me searching for a disco ball to add to my living room ceiling. If you have any recommendations on where to look, please let me know, or don’t, you probably shouldn’t. Preferably one with a motor that rotates, thanks. I will say however, the color LED lights I recently added to my record player shelf really sets the tone 🙂

I’ve compiled some of my pop favorites for a new playlist called ‘Nocturnal Pop.’ I promise you… getting a little nightly jig in will definitely lift your 2020 spirits. Whether with a partner, friend, a dog, or solo, get some mood lighting set and hit play.

If you have your own living room dance party soon, tag us on Instagram and use the #NocturnalPop hashtag. We might just share a few favorites!

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