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All That We Didn’t by Laur Elle | Track Of The Week

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Sometimes relationships fall apart, as you watch it unfold, you’re unable to understand why it’s happening. Edmonton, Alberta-based artist, Laur Elle, gets vulnerable in her latest single ‘All That We Didn’t,’ taken from her new EP, The Art of Pretending… and we can’t get enough making it our Track Of The Week.

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Just released on Friday, September 4th, Elle’s EP has already racked up over 640,000 streams on Spotify with no plans of slowing down. The Tulsa, Oklahoma native keeps it candid in her writing, reflecting on personal experiences from her own life or from others around her, building stories of both poetry and truth.

The story behind her current single ‘All That We Didn’t’ shares a more personal experience about the end of a relationship.

“5am nights, you’re on your side.

Nothing is right at all.

We can’t work it out, yeah. We can’t work it out, yeah.”

‘All That We Didn’t’ – Laur Elle

This song is about a relationship that fell apart. In hindsight, I realized that its ending was just as much my own fault as it was the other person’s. Writing ‘All That We Didn’t’ helped give me a sense of peace. I hope that whatever meaning you take away from this song provides you with that same acceptance. This track is meant to feel like that first easy breath you take after ending a bad relationship. 

~ Laur Elle

All That We Didn’t,” produced alongside Father Bobby Townsend, is out everywhere you can stream music. 

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