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Middle Part Releases Ethereal New Single ‘& Cry!’| Artist Spotlight

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Wishing we were in a small venue hearing this live, a bit tipsy, and just bobbing our head with our eyes closed. Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist Middle Part has us craving his upcoming EP with the release of ‘& Cry!’ the first single from the project.

Middle Part & Cry
Photo Credit: Sara Laufer

There’s something so eerie about this track and its 80s ethereal sci-fi opening. All the right production decisions were made here, though Middle Part might beg to differ according to a tweet last week.

Right when it has you in a trance at the end of the bridge, the silence break is perfection (chef’s kiss). The honesty and self-reflection in these lyrics scream vulnerability while hugging some chill synths, guitar melodies and soft sung truth.

I really wanna touch you just don’t think it’s fair

I hate when I’m like this…

I really wanna know you but don’t think i care

I guess that i’ll leave you alone…

Go ahead & cry! Cry

Go ahead & cry! Cry

‘& Cry!’ by Middle Part

“… & Cry!” is a head first dive into the conflict of meeting expectations in a relationship and how we may sometimes fall short. The title serves as a refrain to encourage emotional release from the constant pitfalls….”

~ Middle Part

Stoked to see some visuals for this track too. Middle Part, treat us soon, yeah?

While we do know their’s a six-track EP coming from Middle Part in 2020 titled I Wish I Was Alive, the exact release date has yet to be announced.

More from Middle Part:

Middle Part was born when singer Andrew Selkōw moved to the deepest parts of Northern Alaska to find himself, after experiencing a major meltdown. Living in a shipping container in the isolated vastness of the Alaskan wilderness, Selkōw ignited his love for literature and music, with the musician sharing, “Art is important, no matter how you decide to approach it. There’s no age or formula so just create. It’s the most healing form of therapy I’ve ever experienced.”

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