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December 12, 2019 @ 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Madeon first became known in 2011 when he live sampled 39 hits to create his frantic yet perfectly sculptural “Pop Culture,” which instantly propelled the then-17-year-old to the international stage. By the time he released his debut album Adventure in 2015, Madeon was a globally beloved artist with production credits for Lady Gaga and Coldplay. Soon after, he teamed with Porter Robinson for “Shelter,” an immersive, ecstatic single he calls their “victory lap.”

Now, Madeon is perhaps a more deeply seasoned artist than wide-eyed dreamer from Nantes, France — but he’s just as ambitious as ever.

“All My Friends” is the radiant introduction to this new era. It’s the sort of pop song that by any other artist, would have required work from a team of writers and producers. Madeon, of course, wrote and produced it himself. Following the path he began on Adventure with songs like “Home,” he is the lead vocalist on the track.

Madeon began working on “All My Friends” when he booked a studio for three days in New York “just to see what would happen,” he says. “I remember I was walking alone, and the sun was a particular shade. It struck me all at once, vividly. It was like a flavor: sounds and sights and smells. I felt impossibly confident and enthusiastic.”

Madeon can seem as much a musician as a world-building architect, and there’s no question his full vision for what comes next will soon shine through. But for the moment we have a single song, a brilliant statement of new purpose.